Individual Psychotherapy

I offer individual psychotherapy sessions via Telehealth and in person. I utilize a holistic approach focusing on incorporating the mind, body, and spirit, if relevant for the individual, into my care. I work collaboratively with other providers (e.g., physicians, case managers, pastors) to effectively coordinate care. My therapeutic approach is an intentional blend of action-oriented and insight-oriented. This approaches focuses on building on individuals’ strengths and cultivating new coping skills while also enhancing awareness of individual patterns and factors underlying symptoms.

An Integrative Approach

Research and clinical practice have highlighted the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Practices such as acupuncture, yoga, naturopathic medicine, and reiki are examples of common CAM modalities. Although research suggests that many CAM interventions can improve health, mental health providers often lack the knowledge to make referrals to CAM and are often reluctant to make such referrals. However, as an integrative clinic, I am committed to helping to inform my clients on CAM modalities and making appropriate referrals. For clients who are interested, I assist by making referrals to CAM providers (e.g., acupuncture, massage, energy medicine, yoga).