Psychospiritual & Non-Ordinary States

Our documented history suggests that humans have experienced unique states of consciousness for much of time. Unfortunately, experiencing non-ordinary states can be traumatic, as individuals are sometimes thrust into such states involuntarily. While there is generally some acceptance of non-ordinary states in society, these conversations typically take place within religious/spiritual communities and are often pathologized within the conventional mental health system. Although experiences such as psychosis could be indicative of a serious physical or psychological condition, some experiences of non-ordinary states can be vehicles for personal transformation. However, integrating and processing such experiences can be an arduous, as individuals often find themselves in grappling with difficult and important existential considerations.

I support individuals who are struggling to integrate and process their experience of non-ordinary states. My supportive services often include assisting the individual to develop a well-being plan, connecting the individual to providers and community resources, as well as collaborating with professionals to ensure an integrative and holistic approach to care.